Welcome Tri State Corner!

Dear Rageheads,in addition to the latest announcements of our support for the European Leg, we are happy to announce, that our brothers from Tri State Corner will join us in Moscow and St. Petersburg later in 2022.Tri State Corner are special to us, as there are two Rage drummers involved: Christos Efthimiadis, who was the Rage Drummer from 1988-1999 and was part of a very significant period of the bands career. He put his heart into 11 Rage Albums (from Perfect Man till Ghosts), is a long term friend of the Band, part of the Refuge project and TSCs Drummer for 16 years.And of course Vassilios „Lucky“ Maniatopoulos, Drummer of the band for 6 years, with four Albums including the one planned for later this year. But Lucky is not Tri State Corners Drummer, he is their Singer, founding member and contributes massively to their songwriting. Their Bouzouki Rock Style is unique and you can be sure to experience a great live band, that will present their upcoming album titled Stereotype.Stay MetalPeavy, Stormageddon Music, Lucky & Jean Bormann