Hey Rageheads, check it out – more tour dates for our 40th-anniversary world tour! Exciting news – we’re hitting up Japan and Greece, and we’re pumped to be part of the UrRock Musik Festival with the awesome Lingua Mortis Orchestra. And guess what? We’ve added two more shows in Canada to the lineup. Let’s make these shows unforgettable!



Forty years in RAGE: an incredible journey filled with unforgettable stories. As we gear up for our 40th-anniversary celebration, get ready for the most monumental RAGE event to date! Anticipate a series of unforgettable shows and festivals in countries we haven’t played in for a while. Additionally, we are thrilled that some of these shows go back to some of your favorite albums like “XIII”, “Lingua Mortis”, and “Ghost”, which means get ready for some high-energy orchestral performances. Stay tuned for updates on additional live dates and exciting details about our epic celebration next year. We can’t wait to hit the road and share this special milestone with all of you!



04.03.2024 – Toronto | Lee’s Palace

13.04.2024 – Larnaca | Savino

30.04.2024 – Hademarschen | Hademarscher Hof

03.05.2024 – Dresden | Puschkin

04.05.2024 – Krakow | Qwadrat

05.05.2024 – Warsaw | Proxima

09.05.2024 – Siegburg | Kubana

11.05.2024 – Trier | MJC

12.05.2024 – Bochum | Zeche

15.05.2024 – Nuremberg | Hirsch

16.05.2024 – Augsburg | Spectrum

17.05.2024 – Burgelengenfeld | VAZ

18.05.2024 – Lindau | Club Vaudeville

19.05.2024 – Bensheim | Musiktheater REX

19.11.2024 – Malmö | Retro Bar

20.11.2024 – Göteborg | Valand

21.11.2024 – Gävle | TBD

22.11.2024 – Linköping | Hell Yeah Rock Club

23.11.2024 – Jevnaker | Glassheim Rock & K

24.11.2024 – Stockholm | TBD

30.11.2024 – Umea | Droskan

40 YEARS IN RAGE feat. Lingua Mortis Orchestra

10.05.2024 – Braunschweig | Rock In Rautheim

14.07.2024 – Zlin | Masters Of Rock

30.08.2024 – Schramberg-Tennenbronn | Metalacker

40 YEARS IN RAGE – Festivalshows

04.07.2024 – Ballenstedt | Rockharz

06.07.2024 – Dietingen | Wolfweez

12.07.2024 – Coesfeld | Rock Am Turm

09.08.2024 – Büdesheim | Krawall’O’Rock

31.08.2024 – Rheinfelden | Nordrock Open Air

06.09.2024 – Eystrup | Just For Fun Open Air

07.09.2024 – Herne | Rock Spektakulum

15.11.2024 – Lebach | Rock Meets Benefiz

Nordic Tour 2023

Dear Rageheads,

We deeply regret to announce the postponement of Rage’s NORDIC TOUR, which was scheduled to begin next week.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen health issues, drummer Lucky is currently grappling with severe back pain. We are prioritizing his well-being and ensuring he receives the necessary rest to come back stronger than ever. The new dates will be announced soon and all tickets remain valid.


Metal Hammer Paradise 


We’re hitting the road for a 24-hour drive to Lisbon as we kick off our “Iberian Tour.” We’ve got some thrilling news to share with you. As you may already know, we’re honored to be a part of this year’s Metal Hammer Paradise lineup. Catch us live on Saturday, November 18th, alongside a fantastic lineup of talented artists. Who’s joining us for this day full of metal madness?

NordRock Schwaben Festival 2024


Seid ihr bereit, mit uns 40 Jahre RAGE zu feiern? Nach einer unglaublich schönen Festivalsaison in diesem Jahr, freuen wir uns, auch schon Festivals für das nächste Jahr anzukündigen. NordRock Schwaben Festival: Seid am 31.08.24 dabei!

Nordic Tour 2023


We can’t skip the North of Europe this year! We’re thrilled to announce our NORDIC TOUR across Sweden and Norway, kicking off on October 4th!

We hope that you’ll conquer the northern skies with us as we bring some RAGEIN’ HEAVY METAL MADNESS to you! Where will we see YOU?

Iberian Tour 2023

With: Dark Embrace & Tri State Corner