Happy Birthday “Secrets In A Weird World”

Rageheads, it’s time to break the champagne and celebrate 33 years of “Secrets In A Weird World”! Congratulations!

Do you still remember this day? We certainly do… If only because we didn’t find the original cover artwork in the store, which we had worked out with Joachim Luetke and his wife.

What are your favorite songs from this album? Any “very special memories” of events while you were listening to them? Let us know!

33 years – 33 RPM… Let us surprise you with what else we have in mind to celebrate this birthday! More news to be revealed soon 

OUT NOW – “To Live And To Die!”

Listen to “To Live And To Die” now and get a taste of our upcoming EP “Spreading The Plague”! We shot the clip for this song more than a year ago, right after finishing a shoot for a different video that by now has already been released for a while. Shooting two clips in a row was hella exhausting, but despite that we are really happy with the results! Care to take a guess which video we did right before shooting “To Live And To Die”?

Watch the music video here: https://youtu.be/mV3QAV-Dius
And pre-order the EP here: https://RageSPV.lnk.to/SpreadingThePlague

BRAINRAGE OVER EUROPE – Win your own special soundcheck experience!

Hey Rageheads,
Are you ready for THE metal tour of the year?! We are hitting the road together with Brainstorm and Tri State Corner this fall to finally perform our two latest albums “Wall of Skulls” and “Resurrection Day” live. Well, not entirely of course, we do have a few other songs and we know you’ll want to hear those, too! Because we want this tour to be a huge celebration for everybody involved, we decided to make this one extra special. Everyone who sends in their ticket receipt to brainrage@luckybob.de until the 30th of September will have the chance to win early access to the show they’re attending, including an exclusive soundcheck experience!
Get tickets now and make sure to enter into the competition: https://linktr.ee/brainrage

Conditions to enter:
Send your e-mail to brainrage@luckybob.de with prove that you purchased a ticket for one of the BRAINRAGE OVER EUROPE shows.
Include your name and the date of the show your visiting
Deadline is the 30th of September 11:59pm (CEST).

The winners will be announced on the 3rd of October! And will be informed by e-mail.
This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or organized by Facebook or Instagram. Contact, as well as legally responsible person is solely Lucky Bob Music Agency GmbH.

Happy Anniversary “Seasons of the Black”!

How time flies! We are celebrating the 5 year anniversary of „Seasons of the Black”!
One of the definite highlights on this record is the epic “The Tragedy Of Man” story, told over 4 songs, as well as a bonus disc with 5 high quality re-recordings from the “Avenger” era. 
Sort of a mini best of, if you will. In support of SOTB we toured the whole world in 2018, played 49 shows in 29 countries over the span of 3 months.
Today, the album is still available and if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, here’s your chance: https://www.luckybob.de/…/2-cd-seasons-of-the-black…
6,66€ only while stocks last. Only a very limited number of the Digibooks (incl. the bonus-CD) available!

“Spreading The Plague” – Pre-order

RAGEHEADS! Pre-order our new EP now!
In the absence of live shows we had some time on our hands and what better way to spend it than to hammer out some new tunes? Actually, you’ll have to wait a little longer for some more detailed information, but we are beyond psyched to announce that we’ll be releasing an EP with the new stuff on September 30th, right before the BRAINRAGE OVER EUROPE tour. Pre-sale for the EP starts today and you can secure your copy here: https://ragespv.lnk.to/SpreadingThePlague
Additionally, if you wanna see us rip through one or two songs off the EP and otherwise deliver an all classic RAGE set click this link and grab your tickets now:

Metalacker Annoucement!

Hey Rageheads,

We never had the chance to officially announce it, but in 2020 we were supposed to play at @metalacker. Two years later and the festival is finally happening. We are more than excited about still being part of the line-up. Finally we are able to tell you to come to the “Black forest” area on 27th August 2022. Thanks Metalacker for keeping us around.  
Let’s celebrate the return of this festival together!

Our festival season:

23.07.22 – Ambria Music Festival – IT

30.07.22 – Rhön Rock Open Air – DE

06.08.22 – Metal United Festival Regensburg – DE

12.08.22 – Phungo Festival meets Metal Up Your Life – DE

20.08.22 – Turock Open Air – DE

26.08.22 – Milagre Metaleiro – Associação Cultural – PT

27.08.22 – Metalacker Tennenbronn – DE

03.09.22 – Bongert OPEN AIR – DE

10.-12.10.22 – Full Metal Holiday – ES


Hey Rageheads,

After two years of not touring, we are looking forward to hoppin’ on a nightliner again, especially because this time our friends from Brainstorm and Tri State Corner are joining us. One thing is for sure: this metal tour of the year is happening! Today we just want to let you know about two minor venue changes for the tour: The show in Berlin will not be taking place at Bi Nuu, but at Lido instead and the show at Airport Eventhall in Regensburg got moved to VAZ Burglengenfeld. We can’t wait to see you all in these new venues this fall. Get your tickets now: https://linktr.ee/brainrage

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Hey Rageheads,

Which festivals are you going to visit this year? We are super thrilled to have a long festival season ahead of us and can’t wait to see you all again! Catch us live at any of these:

07.05.22 – Rock in Rautheim 2022 – DE

03.06.22 – Metalfest Open Air Plzeň – CZ

11.06.22 – Sweden Rock Festival – SE

17.06.22 – M:O:A – MISE Open Air – DE

18.06.22 – Rock Waves Kamenitza – Ruse 2022 – BG

14.07.22 – Bang Your Head Festival – DE

23.07.22 – Ambria Music Festival – IT

30.07.22 – Rhön Rock Open Air – DE

06.08.22 – Metal United Festival Regensburg – DE

20.08.22 – Turock Open Air – DE

26.08.22 – Milagre Metaleiro Fest -PT

03.09.22 – Bongert OPEN AIR – DE

10.-12.10.22 – Full Metal Holiday – ES

See you soon!


Hey Rageheads,

we are finally able to reveal the last two shows for the BRAINRAGE OVER EUROPE TOUR. The Zik Zak in Ittre (Belgium) and the Kulturpalast in Hamburg (Germany) are now part of the METAL TOUR OF THE YEAR! We can’t wait to hit the road with the mighty Brainstorm and our friends from Tri State Corner. Especially now that most restrictions are gone, we are 100% convinced, that the tour is happening. And you definitely should not miss this one, so get your tickets now: https://linktr.ee/brainrage.

13.10.22 Mannheim (DE) | 7er Club

14.10.22 Siegburg (DE) | Kubana

15.10.22 Woergl (AT) | Komma

16.10.22 Munich (DE) | Backstage

18.10.22 Pratteln (CH) | Z7

19.10.22 Bratislava (SK) | Randal Club 

20.10.22 Budapest (HU) | Barba Negra

21.10.22 Zlin (CZ) | Masters Of Rock Café

22.10.22 Krakow (PL) | Hype Park

23.10.22 Prague (CZ) | Rock Café

25.10.22 Nuermberg (DE) | Hirsch

26.10.22 Berlin (DE) | Binuu

27.10.22 Fulda (DE) | Kreuz

28.10.22 Flensburg (DE) |Roxy

29.10.22 Ittre (BE) | Zik Zak 

30.10.22 Osnabrueck (DE) | Bastard Club

31.10.22 Stuttgart (DE) | Im Wizemann 

02.11.22 Hamburg (DE) | Kulturpalast 

03.11.22 Uebach-Palenberg (DE) | Rockfabrik

04.11.22 Enschede (NL) | Metropool

05.11.22 Sankt Vith (BE) | Triangel

06.11.22 Trier (DE) | Mergener Hof 

09.11.22 Paderno (IT) | Slaughter Club

10.11.22 Regensburg (DE) | Eventhall Airport

11.11.22 Neuruppin (DE) | Kulturhaus Stadtgarten

12.11.22 Hademarschen (DE) | Hademarschener Hof

13.11.22 Bochum (DE) | Zeche

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