Happy Anniversary “Seasons of the Black”!

How time flies! We are celebrating the 5 year anniversary of „Seasons of the Black”!
One of the definite highlights on this record is the epic “The Tragedy Of Man” story, told over 4 songs, as well as a bonus disc with 5 high quality re-recordings from the “Avenger” era. 
Sort of a mini best of, if you will. In support of SOTB we toured the whole world in 2018, played 49 shows in 29 countries over the span of 3 months.
Today, the album is still available and if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, here’s your chance: https://www.luckybob.de/…/2-cd-seasons-of-the-black…
6,66€ only while stocks last. Only a very limited number of the Digibooks (incl. the bonus-CD) available!