RageHeads: We are excited to invite our entire community to create the next Rage LIVE video together with us!

We will use a song from the live 2016 album (available exclusively on the Deluxe version of “The Devil Strikes Again”).

The single and the official music video will be released on May 27, 2016

Our request is simple: We want to include your live video of any song from any concert from the last Rage tour (between Dec 2015 and February 2016), whatever that looks like, however you could best capture a moment that shows Rage performing live with your smart phone!

The process of your participation is simple:

1. Collect all your live videos you have recorded at the Rage concert you have attended.

2. Upload your video to YouTube (can be unlisted or public link).

3. Let us know about your video by sending a mail to fanvideo@rage-official.com with the link , so we can watch it!

Make sure you read our video submission guidelines below before starting the process, as you’ll have a better chance of actually making it into the video if you follow ALL the guidelines. :)

That’s it! Our aim is to use as many contributions as possible. :-)

Please make sure you submit your video (no photos) before May 10, 2016. After that date we will not be accepting any more contributions.

We will be featuring some of our favorite contributions along the way – be sure to tag us on twitter (@_rage), Instagram (@rageofficialband) and Facebook (facebook.com/rageofficialband) so we can feature yours! And don’t forget to use the hashtags #MyRageLiveVideo2016 and #RageBand for extra credit!

Here are some guidelines for the “Rage Live Fan Video” Video:

Please ensure your video is NOT THAT shaky. If it’s super shaky, we can’t use it.

Please upload the highest possible quality file to YouTube and save a copy to a computer. We will contact you for the original file if it is selected.

Old school (lineups or VHS material from old days) are not accepted


We prefer the best quality possible (HD)

We do not accept photo material, videos only.

Thank you Rageheads!!!