Full Metal Holiday 2022

Hey Rageheads, 
We are thrilled to announce that we’ll be part of this year’s edition of Full Metal Holiday. 
We think: What a great timing for metal-holidays on Mallorca right before we kick off our BrainRage Over Europe Tour 2022. 
Write in the comment section which songs you’d like to hear in this set. 
See you at the bar! 

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Peavy, Lucky, Jean & Stefan

Live Resurrection 2023

Hey Rageheads

When we decided on “Live Resurrection” as our tour title, we didn’t think it would take this long for us to hit the road again. But apparently, we have to wait a little bit longer for the live “Resurrection Day” to come.

The Russia, Lithuania and Estonia dates of our “Live Resurrection Tour” will be postponed to next year, in the hopes of finally being able to present our new-old lineup on those stages. We are hopeful that things  get back to normal soon and that you all are there when everything opens up again!

Together with our friends from TriStateCorner we will make up for the lost time! We will be playing special 2 hour shows with a lot of surprises.

Here are the new dates:

15.03.23 – Vilnius- LT

16.03.23 – Tallinn – EE

17.03.23 – St. Petersburg – RU*

18.03.23 – Moscow – RU* 

19.03.23 – Nizhnij Novgorod – RU

20.03.23 – Kazan – RU

*Dates TSC will be a part of. 

Already purchased tickets will remain valid. Tickets for the RIGA show will be refunded.


When you think of Brainstorm and Rage, you probably don’t think about Valentines. But today we are spreading the love by adding two new dates to our  BRAINRAGE OVER EUROPE 2022 TOUR. One additional date in Germany Rockfabrik and one more date in Italy Slaughter Club.

Which Brainstorm or Rage song needs to be played on this metal tour of the year?

Get tickets for your loved ones now!

13.10.2022 7er Club Mannheim, Germany
14.10.2022 Kubana Siegburg, Germany
15.10.2022 Komma Wörgl, Austria
16.10.2022 Backstage Concert GmbH, Germany
18.10.2022 Z7 Pratteln, Switzerland
19.10.2022 Randal Club Bratislava, Slovakia
20.10.2022 Barba Negra Budapest, Hungary
21.10.2022 Masters Of Rock Café Zlin, Czech Republic
22.10.2022 Hype Park Krakow, Poland
23.10.2022 Rock Café Prague, Czech Republic
25.10.2022 Hirsch Nuremberg, Germany
26.10.2022 BiNuu Berlin, Germany
27.10.2022 Kreuz Fulda, Germany
28.10.2022 Roxy Flensburg, Germany
29.10.2022 T.B A.
30.10.2022 Bastard Club Osnabrück, Germany
31.10.2022 Im Wizemann, Stuttgart Germany
02.11.2022 T.B.A.
03.11.2022 Rockfabrik Übach-Palenberg, Germany
04.11.2022 Metropool Enschede, Netherlands
05.11.2022 Triangel Sankt Vith, Belgium
06.11.2022 Mergener Hof e.V. Trier, Germany
09.11.2022 Slaughter Club Paderno, Italy
10.11.2022 Eventhall Airport Regensburg, Germany
11.11.2022 Kulturhaus Stadtgarten, Neuruppin
12.11.2022 Hademarscher Hof Hademarschen, Germany
13.11.2022 Zeche Bochum, Germany


Presented by: Rock Hard,, RADIO BOB!, ROCKS Magazin, Souls of Rock Foundation, Steamhammer, SPV, LUCKY BOB Music Agency, Twisted Talent Entertainment, AFM Records and Musix.


An intense battle over chart placements took place in September 2021 and so we decided to join forces with Brainstorm and giving you the greatest tour line up of all time: BRAINRAGE!

After the cancellation of both our album tours this year, we thought we now give you the full bang with “Wall of Skulls” and “Resurrection Day”! 

Our friends from Tri State Corner will be joining us and present their new album “Stereotype”, which will be released in April 2022. 
Don’t miss the Metal tour of the year!

We proudly announce our „BRAINRAGE OVER EUROPE TOUR 2022“: 

03.10.2022 Mannheim – 7er Club, Germany

14.10.2022 Siegburg – Kubana, Germany

15.10.2022 Wörgl – Komma, Austria

16.10.2022 Munich – Backstage, Germany

18.10.2022 Pratteln – Z7, Switzerland

19.10.2022 Bratislava – Randal Club, Slovakia

20.10.2022 Budapest – Barba Negra, Hungary

21.10.2022 Zlin – Masters Of Rock Café, Czech Republic

22.10.2022 Krakow – Hype Park, Poland

23.10.2022 Prague – Rock Café, Czech Republic

25.10.2022 Nuremberg – Hirsch, Germany

26.10.2022 Berlin – BiNuu, Germany

27.10.2022 Fulda – Kreuz, Germany

28.10.2022 Flensburg – Roxy, Germany

29.10.2022 T.B.A.

30.10.2022 Osnabrück – Bastard Club, Germany

31.10.2022 Stuttgart – Im Wizemann, Germany

02.11.2022 T.B.A.

03.11.2022 T.B.A.

04.11.2022 Enschede – Metropool, Netherlands

05.11.2022 Sankt Vith – Triangel, Belgium

06.11.2022 Trier – Mergener Hof, Germany

09.11.2022 T.B.A.

10.11.2022 Regensburg – Eventhall Airport, Germany

11.11.2022 Neuruppin – Kulturhaus Stadtgarten, Germany

12.11.2022 Hademarschen – Hademarscher Hof, Germany

13.11.2022 Bochum – Zeche, Germany

Presented by: Rock Hard, Power, Radio Bob, Rocks, Souls of Rock, Steamhammer, SPV, Lucky Bob, Twisted Talent, AFM and Musix.

Resurrection Tour 2021 – Canceled!

Dear Rageheads,

With a heavy heart, we had to decide to cancel the remaining dates of the Resurrection Tour 2021. We tried everything to at least play these remaining shows and we would have been fully prepared to do so. But even though we miss performing live, we as a band also have an obligation to keep you guys safe. At this point in time we know, that we can’t assure a safe environment for all of you. Rather than risking the health of all people involved we decided to cancel this tour instead. We know that these news are frustrating and believe us we are really not happy to have to announce a cancellation again, but we do believe, that soon we will overcome this pandemic – Until that: Stay together further on!

Thank you for your great support – To say thank you, we will have a great new announcement for 2022 for you guys, so stay tuned and watch out for what’s coming next. Stay healthy and take care,

Peavy, Lucky, Jean & Stefan

Happy Halloween Bundles!

Hey Rageheads,
it’s this time of the year again!
Do you go out to scare your neighbors tonight? Whatever you do, make sure it’s good fun.

Here’s our very special Trick or Treat-Halloween-Offer:
For the next week you get a 10% discount on our Resurrection Day-Bundle!
Get your own copy of our latest record in combination with a shirt or a zipper here:
And don’t forget about our tour this year together with our friends in BondedVanish & Tri State Corner:

12.11. – CH – Sarnen 

26.11. – DE – Hanerau 

02.12. – DE – Trier 

03.12. – DE – Mannheim 

06.12. – DE – Regensburg 

08.12. – DE – Stuttgart 

09.12. – DE – Siegburg

10.12. – DE – Nuremberg 

11.12. – NL – OSS 

12.12. – DE – ESSEN 

See you there!

Live Resurrection changes


As you have noticed probably, we had to cancel our planned „Live Resurrection 2021 Tour“.
The ongoing pandemic doesn’t allow us, to carry out shows without restrictions, which influence our shows in a way, that we cannot guarantee them to be successful for all people involved.

Now the good news: A few gigs are still on and we are very looking forward to do at least these remaining 10!
BONDED will still be part of the Line-Up for most shows and with Vanish and Tri State Corner we will have two more awesome bands with us.
Please check the poster to see, who will join us in the different cities.  
And one more Info – The Gig in Nuremberg will be held in „Hirsch“ instead of „Z-Bau“.
We all hope for a better 2022 and we will have some exciting news for all of you very soon – So stay tuned!
Take care and stay healthy,

Peavy, Lucky, Jean, Stefan


Hey Rageheads, it’s been almost two weeks now that “Resurrection Day” has seen the light of day! So we collected some of the first week chart entries from around the world. Wow, what an outcome – we are speechless! We want to say THANK YOU to all of you out there who bought, streamed or downloaded our album so far! At the bottom you can see the scheduled dates for our upcoming “Live-Resurrection -Tour”. We hope to see so many of you there to bang our heads together after these difficult times! Let there be a RESURRECTION DAY!

Peavy, Lucky, Stefan, JeanGet your copy of “Resurrection Day” here:

Resurrection Day Album Charts

Resurrection Day ist auf Platz 14 in den offiziellen deutschen Album Charts eingestiegen! Das ist die beste Platzierung in unserer Bandgeschichte. Wir sind überglücklich und dankbar.
Danke an alle, die das Album gekauft und gestreamt haben. Ohne eure krasse Unterstützung hätten wir das nicht schaffen können.

Rage on,
Peavy, Stefan, Jean & Lucky