First tour with new lineup, new EP »My Way« to be released in January

»Black In Mind« is one of the ultimate must-have records of the German metal band RAGE. For the 20th anniversary of this release, the band around singer/bass player Peavy Wagner will play a tour throughout Europe, on which Peavy will introduce his new fellow musicians Marcos Rodriguez (guitars) and Vassilios Maniatopoulos (drums) live on stage for the first time.

“RAGE are back! After the opening show at Metal Hammer Paradise on November 14th in Ferienpark Weissenhäuser Strand/Germany, we will be back in December with something special. On the »Black In Mind« Tour we will introduce our new lineup with an exclusive set list,” explains band boss Peavy Wagner.

»Black In Mind« 20th Anniversary Tour 2015

13./14.11. D Weissenhäuser Strand /Ostsee – Metal Hammer Paradise
27.11. GR Athens – Kittaro**
28.11. GR Thessaloniki – Eightball**
29.11. BG Sofia – Mixtape 5**
05.12. CH Pratteln – Z7*
06.12 NL Landgraaf – Oefenbunker*
07.12. SK Kosice – SH Cassosport (w/ HAMMERFALL, SIRENITY)
08.12. SK Ziar Nad Hronom – Mestske Kulturne Centrum (w/ HAMMERFALL, SIRENITY)
11.12. A Vienna – Viper Room*
12.12. CZ Ostrava – Club Barrak*
13.12. D Markneukirchen – Warwick Music Hall*
18.12. E Valencia – X-Mas Metal Fest
19.12. D Karlsruhe – Knock Out Festival
20.12. D Burscheid – Megafon*

Furthermore, RAGE will release a 4-track EP on January 22nd – right on time for the start of their tour with HELLOWEEN. “This EP will shorten your waiting time until the release of our new album – the first one since 2012 – which will be in the shops next May…,” reveals Peavy.

The EP »My Way« contains four tracks, two re-recorded ones from the splendid album »Black In Mind« and a brand-new song in an English and a Spanish version.

Track list »My Way« EP:
01. My Way (new song)
02. Black In Mind (title song of the album »Black In Mind«; re-recorded)
03. Sent By The Devil (from the album »Black In Mind«; re-recorded)
04. Apuesto A Ganar (Spanish version of ‘My Way’)

The EP will be released on time for the opening of the band’s European tour with HELLOWEEN on January 22nd, 2016 and will be available as MCD and 7″-vinyl exclusively at the Nuclear Blast Shop and on tour at the merchandising booth.

Pre-order »My Way« here:

RAGE live 2016:

29.01. CH Pratteln – Z7
30.01. D München – Backstage
31.01. I Mailand – Alcatraz
02.02. F Paris – Le Bataclan
03.02. UK London – Forum
05.02. B Antwerpen – Trix
06.02. D Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle
07.02. D Stuttgart – Longhorn
10.02. N Oslo – Rockefeller
11.02. S Göteborg – Trädgan
13.02. FIN Turku – Logomo
14.02. FIN Helsinki – The Circus
16.02. PL Warszawa – Progresja

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Trailer #1:
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Let’s celebrate together a special day for the Rage history: It will take place at the Knock Out Festival 2015. For the first time Rage and Refuge will rock Karlsruhe as one voice, as one family!! Along with our brothers from Blind Guardian, Operation: Mindcrime, D-A-D, AXXIS, and Orphaned Land, we will make this night the best Xmas ever for all of us!

Join us in this very special set for a very special event.


Knock Out Festival 2015

Mäxival 2016

Hey Rageheads, here’s a new show for the year 2016!

MÄXIVAL (6/7 May 2016 in Inzell, Germany)

there are some of our bro’s:
and – RAGE

more info comes soon …


We are looking forward to the upcoming “Black in Mind 20th Anniversary Tour” Nov/Dec 2015, where we will play a big portion of the Black in Mind album along with some other songs that Rage haven’t played in a long long time! – We can’t wait to share some special moments with all of you!

Here’s some changes:

* The Show in Zlin (CZ) on 12.12.2015 has been moved to Ostrava @ Klub Barrák

* The final show of the BIM tour has been moved from Bochum to Burscheid, but we have a good reason for it: RAGE will be the special guest on the next Helloween Tour in Jan / Feb 2016! this tour includes a show in Oberhausen, which is very close to Bochum.

On this tour we will be happy to present the NEW SINGLE of our forthcoming album to be released on 2016. The RAGE journey continues, we are about to get in the studio and hit the road soon.

Rage on! – Peavy, Marcos, Lucky

Rage “Black in Mind 20th anniversary” Tour 2015:
Supporting: Maxxwell * / Emerald Sun **

14.11.15 – (D) – Weissenhäuser Strand/Metal Hammer Paradise
27.11.15 – (GR) – Athens/Kittaro **
28.11.15 – (GR) – Thessaloniki/Eightball **
29.11.15 – (BUL) – Sofia/Mixtape 5 **
05.12.15 – (CH) – Pratteln/Z-7 *
06.12.15 – (NL) – Landgraaf/Oefenbunker *
11.12.15 – (A) – Vienna/Viper Room *
12.12.15 – (CZ) – Ostrava/Klub Barrák*
13.12.15 – (D) – Markneukirchen/Warwick Music Hall *
18.12.15 – (ES) – Valencia/XMas Metal Fest
19.12.15 – (D) – TBA
20.12.15 – (D) – Burscheid/Megafon *
Helloween ” My God-given Right ” Tour 2016
Special guest: Rage
Opener: Crimes of Passion

2016-01-29 – (CH) Pratteln – Z7
2016-01-30 – (D) München – Backstage Werk
2016-01-31 – (I) – Milano – Alcatraz
2016-02-02 – (F) – Paris – Le Bataclan
2016-02-03 – (UK) – London – The Forum
2016-02-05 – (B) – Antwerp – Trix
2016-02-06 – (D) – Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle
2016-02-07 – (D) – Stuttgart – Longhorn
2016-02-10 – (N) – Oslo – Rockefeller
2016-02-11 – (S) – Gothenburg – Trädgan

New Line-up Episode #3 (Official)

Here’s the 3rd and last episode of the new Rage’s new Line-up. In this episode Peavy explain a bit more about how and why he chose the new members Marcos and Lucky. Also Peavy talk about the forthcoming tour in Nov/Dec 2015 celebrating the 20th anniversary of the successful album “Black In Mind”.

So enjoy this last episode!

Episode II

RageHeads: This Thursday at 17:00 (GMT +2) we’ll bring you the Episode 2 of the new Rage Line-up. Take a closer look to Peavy, Marcos and Lucky, get to know them better and feel the renewed energy of RAGE!

Don’t miss it!

RAGE announce new line‐up


An outcry went through the metal scene, when Peter „Peavy“ Wagner and Victor Smolski of RAGE declared the end of their musical collaboration in the beginning of February 2015. Since André Hilgers also had to leave his place behind the drums, rumors were running high quickly and there was even talk about RAGE would call it quits. Though Peavy made it clear over and over again in inter‐ views that the new line‐up of the band was already positioned, the names of his new band mates remained untold.
Now the wait has come to an end – the new line‐up of RAGE reads as follows:
Peter „Peavy“ Wagner – Vocals, Bass
Marcos Rodriguez – Guitars, Vocals
Vassilios „Lucky“ Maniatopoulos – Drums, Vocals