Resurrection Day!

Dear Rage community,
today our new Album „Resurrection Day“ sees the daylight for the first time.
We can barely describe how proud we are to share, what we’ve created during these strange times, with you.
And of course we want to share some feelings as well …

The last 18 months were crazy for all of us, not only due to the situation our world is still facing, but also the new RAGE line-up was kind of a challenge.
In April, 2020 we did our first rehearsal as the “new” RAGE. And right from the start we knew, it won’t be easy for us. Another bandmember change, a lot of things to arrange around the “back-to-double-axe-power-decision”, a new album to be delivered, etc. 
The good news: we were on fire right from the first day we started.
It was clear that whatever will cross our path, we would put as much love, effort, sweat, tears, pain, dedication and passion into this band and our album as possible and beyond!

Of course we were struggling with problems like barely seeing each other…
But maybe this is the reason why we became so close and “family-like”, now.

We want to thank all of you guys for being so loyal and patient all the time!

The new ERA has begun!

Peavy, Lucky, Jean & Stefan