Live Resurrection changes


As you have noticed probably, we had to cancel our planned „Live Resurrection 2021 Tour“.
The ongoing pandemic doesn’t allow us, to carry out shows without restrictions, which influence our shows in a way, that we cannot guarantee them to be successful for all people involved.

Now the good news: A few gigs are still on and we are very looking forward to do at least these remaining 10!
BONDED will still be part of the Line-Up for most shows and with Vanish and Tri State Corner we will have two more awesome bands with us.
Please check the poster to see, who will join us in the different cities.  
And one more Info – The Gig in Nuremberg will be held in „Hirsch“ instead of „Z-Bau“.
We all hope for a better 2022 and we will have some exciting news for all of you very soon – So stay tuned!
Take care and stay healthy,

Peavy, Lucky, Jean, Stefan


Hey Rageheads, it’s been almost two weeks now that “Resurrection Day” has seen the light of day! So we collected some of the first week chart entries from around the world. Wow, what an outcome – we are speechless! We want to say THANK YOU to all of you out there who bought, streamed or downloaded our album so far! At the bottom you can see the scheduled dates for our upcoming “Live-Resurrection -Tour”. We hope to see so many of you there to bang our heads together after these difficult times! Let there be a RESURRECTION DAY!

Peavy, Lucky, Stefan, JeanGet your copy of “Resurrection Day” here:

Resurrection Day Album Charts

Resurrection Day ist auf Platz 14 in den offiziellen deutschen Album Charts eingestiegen! Das ist die beste Platzierung in unserer Bandgeschichte. Wir sind überglücklich und dankbar.
Danke an alle, die das Album gekauft und gestreamt haben. Ohne eure krasse Unterstützung hätten wir das nicht schaffen können.

Rage on,
Peavy, Stefan, Jean & Lucky

Resurrection Day!

Dear Rage community,
today our new Album „Resurrection Day“ sees the daylight for the first time.
We can barely describe how proud we are to share, what we’ve created during these strange times, with you.
And of course we want to share some feelings as well …

The last 18 months were crazy for all of us, not only due to the situation our world is still facing, but also the new RAGE line-up was kind of a challenge.
In April, 2020 we did our first rehearsal as the “new” RAGE. And right from the start we knew, it won’t be easy for us. Another bandmember change, a lot of things to arrange around the “back-to-double-axe-power-decision”, a new album to be delivered, etc. 
The good news: we were on fire right from the first day we started.
It was clear that whatever will cross our path, we would put as much love, effort, sweat, tears, pain, dedication and passion into this band and our album as possible and beyond!

Of course we were struggling with problems like barely seeing each other…
But maybe this is the reason why we became so close and “family-like”, now.

We want to thank all of you guys for being so loyal and patient all the time!

The new ERA has begun!

Peavy, Lucky, Jean & Stefan

Thank you for the music.

It is our deepest regret to inform you that Avenger/Rage co-founder and guitarist Jochen Schroeder has left this earth under rather tragic circumstances. From 1982 to 1987 Jochen was not only the guitar player for Avenger/Rage but also co-composed a lot of their early songs. In that he was an important driver of the band’s development and with his unique ideas paved the stylistic way of the band. Jochen hadn’t been a part of the music business for a long time and in recent years became more and more privat. Unfortunately, the exact circumstances surrounding his cause of death are unknown to us at the time. We’re mourning the loss of a great bandmate who left this world far too soon.Peavy: the news about the passing of my old friend and bandmate Jochen saddens me deeply. In recent years we lost track of each other, but I’ll always remember the good and exciting times we had together. Jochen taught me a lot back then and I owe him for that. In life it is rare to meet someone who gives you the impulses that send you down the right path. Jochen was that person to me and I couldn’t have done it without him. Thank you, Jochen, I wish you all the best on your travels, wherever you may wander… Peavy

Rock Hard One Day

Hey Rageheads,

wir haben noch ein paar gute Neuigkeiten für euch:

“ROCK HARD ONE DAY Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen, 18. September 2021Liebe RHF-Freunde!Nachdem das Rock Hard Festival 2021 wie alle größeren Musikevents abgesagt werden musste, wagen wir uns im September an ein Ein-Tages-Festival unter Corona-Auflagen mit knapp 1.000 Zuschauern im weiten Rund des Amphitheaters Gelsenkirchen. Für das Programm kommen aufgrund der wechselhaften Reisebeschränkungen indes nur Bands aus der näheren Umgebung infrage, die haben es jedoch in sich. So haben die niederländischen Todesblei-Meister ASPHYX mit ihrem letzten Album „Necroceros“ einen wahren Szene-Bestseller hingelegt. Die Herner Lokalhelden RAGE fungieren seit der Pandemie endlich wieder als Quartett und haben zum Konzert sogar ein brandneues Album im Gepäck.Den Trip haben MOTORJESUS während der Corona-Zeit schon hinter sich gebracht. „Hellbreaker“ schaffte es in die Top 20 der deutschen Charts. Nur live vorstellen konnten die Jungs das Album noch nicht so richtig. Dieses Schicksal teilen sie sich mit THE VERY END, deren Album „Zeitgeist“ viel Lob von der Fachpresse bekam. Die Essener Thrash-Institution DARKNESS kann hingegen darauf bauen, dass die Fans im Ruhrpott mit den beiden Comeback-Alben der Truppe bestens vertraut sind.Zwei weitere Bands sollen das Billing komplettieren.Die Bedingungen für den Event bestimmt die jeweils aktuelle Corona-Schutzverordnung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen. Aktuell (Stand: Mitte Juli) ist eine Veranstaltung mit knapp 1.000 Zuschauern, die nachweislich geimpft, genesen oder getestet sind, ab 1. September zulässig. Ob weitere Vorschriften dazukommen und welche Regeln genau gelten, ist zum heutigen Zeitpunkt leider nicht komplett absehbar. Aktuelle Informationen zum Thema findet ihr auf unserer Website und unserer Facebook-Page.Die Tickets:Ränge: 45,- Euro + VVK-GebührInnfield: 50,- Euro + VVK-Gebühr (an 30 Biertisch-Garnituren zu 8 Personen)Wegen des geringen Vorlaufs für den ROCK HARD ONE DAY erfolgt der Ticketvorverkauf für die Veranstaltung ausschließlich über den Anbieter Aufgrund der Corona-Schutzverordnung des Landes NRW werden die Tickets personalisiert, um eine eventuelle Rückverfolgung gewährleisten zu können. Eure Karten könnt ihr hier bestellen: Zugang zum ROCK HARD ONE DAY erhalten ausschließlich Geimpfte, Genese und Getestete, die ihren Status in Verbindung mit ihrem Personalausweis nachweisen müssen. Auf dem Gelände sind die AHA-Regeln (Abstand halten, Hygiene beachten, im Alltag Maske tragen) zu beachten. Weitere Informationen folgen!”

Wer ist dabei?


Rageheads, thank you so much for the amazing feedback on the “Resurrection Day” album cover. We’re glad, that you like it as much as we do. And yes, we heard you when you were asking for a first taste of the new record. This Friday at 12pm CEST we will be releasing our very first single “Virginity” together with a music video. To get a notification when the video is live click here:

And pre-order the Resurrection Day-Bundle with the exclusive “Virginity” shirt here: