‘Blackened Karma’ Single / Video / Album Pre-order NOW!

Rageheads: Here’s our the first single of our new album, entitled ‘Blackened Karma‘. Watch the video of this song, here: https://youtu.be/f_OB6hO9ONE


 Get the digital single ‘Blackened Karma’ here: http://nblast.de/RageDigital
“This song attracted our attention already whilst the pre-production so we decided to take this as our first single back then”, remembers Peavy and tells about the shooting of the video: “We recorded the video in Madrid, Spain with the famous company of Sôber guitarist Jorge Escobedo ( From Hell Pictures ). The lyrics as well as the clip deal with the so-called ‘Butterfly effect’. In the end, all of our actions will come back to us and I think this is really well shown in pictures with the story of the robber and murderer in our video.”
In addition, the album is now available for pre-order. You can purchase it in the following formats:
2LP (black) in gatefold
2LP (NB anniversary green) in gatefold
Digibook + belt bag
Or get the digital version of the new album, here: http://nblast.de/RageDigital
Below you can see the track listing of the new album as well as the bonus tracks:
Album CD:
01. Season Of The Black
02. Serpents In Disguise
03. Blackened Karma
04. Time Will Tell
05. Septic Bite
06. Walk Among The Dead
07. All We Know Is Not
08. The Tragedy Of Man – Gaia
09. The Tragedy Of Man – Justify
10. The Tragedy Of Man – Bloodshed In Paradise
11. The Tragedy Of Man – Farewell
»Avenger Revisited« (Bonus CD)
01. Adoration
02. Southcross Union
03. Assorted By Satan
04. Faster Than Hell
05. Sword Made Of Steel
06. Down To The Bone
These bonus tracks originate from the time when RAGE was still called AVENGER.
Peavy comments: “It was really nice to re-record the songs from my first years of being a musician! I remember quite well how the songs were created. I always thought that it’s a pity that most of the people don’t know these songs, just because they were released with another band name. For me it was always clear that these songs are kind of timeless and when we played them together it was really awesome! Back then, we couldn’t realise our ideas as good as today. When you listen to the new recordings you will recognize how fantastic these songs really are!”
‘Blackened Karma’:
Directed by: Jorge Escobedo & Roberto Peromingo for “From Hell Pictures”.
Produced by: LittleClip Production Team
Script: RAGE & From Hell Pictures
Edited & Post-Production: Roberto Peromingo
Photography Director: Jorge Arribas
Camera Operator: Dani Pérez
Production: Héctor Pascual
Make up: Isa Rodriguez
Art Director : Paula García